Business links

I am working on building up several businesses in order to stay at home and pursue fostering and adoption, my long-time dream. So if you feel like helping a sister out, here ya go! =)

Thirty-one: my shop

I love Thirty-one because of what the company stands for, and also the quality and functionality of their products, that they pair so well with major cuteness! ?


Norwex has quickly become one of my favorite companies that makes my favorite products. I’ve always been sensitive to chemicals, making cleaning a very difficult task, usually with side effects lasting hours to days. Norwex has changed my life, my husband’s life, and my home! I adore their stuff, and am glad to be transitioning to safe AND more effective cleaning products, not to mention saving a ton of money!


I have always wanted to learn to sew, but sewing lessons as a kid were disastrous, and left me feeling worthless and stupid. My husband sweetly bought me a sewing machine, and I’ve been having fun learning by trial and error ever since. I take great pride in my work, and I tweak and tweak and tweak things until I have the perfect pattern and product! =D