About me

Who am I? Well, I’m  31 years old, married to a remodeler and paid call firefighter, and we have an adorable golden doodle puppy named Chewbacca (our walking carpet ?). I recently quit my job as a registered nurse to pursue some health issues and work towards fostering and adoption, and at this point, I’m unsure when I’ll return.

I love direct sales, and am currently focusing on Norwex, since its mission aligns with my personal life and health goals! I love sharing about it (I have since before I was even a consultant), and since I’m not huge on being “salesy,” I love this company, because I would tell everyone I ever meet about it, even if I never made a dime…it’s that great!

I also love the idea of direct sales, since it’s a unique opportunity to build a home business without quite as much of the overhead and work of building a self-made company. I love finding fun and personal ways to build the business, and develop relationships with customers, and not just have them as a number or potential sale. I’m totally a people person, so this is the basis for my business.

I hope to provide some interesting info, and share my journey! =)

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