About me

Who am I? Well, I'm  31 years old, married to a remodeler and paid call firefighter, and we have an adorable golden doodle puppy named Chewbacca (our walking carpet 😜).

I've had several blogs over the years, but I decided it was time for something that incorporates everything I love-I don't just like one thing to blog about. 🙈

I enjoy crafting, planners, trying new recipes, using my Instant Pot, using safe cleaners, purses and totes, camping, and life. Our passion and dream is to foster and adopt, and we are currently working towards that.

My husband and I have lost 12 babies, and have no living children… it's been a long journey of grief, and even being mad at God, and losing trust in him. But he is bringing us around, and loving on us so much. I can't leave him out of my blog, because he's done so much for me, so you'll hear about Jesus here, too. ❤