Recommendations, referrals, and deals!

*Datebox is a subscription service that provides literally, a date in a box! My husband and I LOVE this…they include items you need for a unique date night all packaged in a box, complete with a curated spotify playlist, and conversation questions to really help you dig deeper and spend quality time with your significant other. We started using this service wayyy back when they were first beginning, but they’ve improved so much over time, now with questionnaires and the ability to customize with things, like, say, if you have a food allergy! =D  Use this link to get $10 off your first box:

*Dollar Shave Club is one of the most money-saving and amazing things I’ve ever subscribed to! Again, I’ve been with them since the early stages, and they’ve drastically improved…now you can add things to each monthly box, change your subscription to monthly or every other month, ship an extra box in between, pause, and everything else you can think of! My husband loves their shave butter, and we actually have 2 handles and split the monthly blades! It works out great, the blades are high quality, and it saves us SO much money!! We prefer the mid or highest grade blades. =) You can try any of them for $1 to start! Use my referral link and I get $5 off my next box:   (You can read more about it in my post here)

*CinchShare is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business! It’s a post scheduling program, but SO much more! (You can check out my review of it and a little bit about how it works right here)  You can use my referral link:   and code “CSFree” for 5 WEEKS FREE! =D

*Eek’s Attic is the best online clothing shop out there! I personally know the owner, and she has an eye for style, provides great bargains, and her mission is to help women of ALL shapes and sizes feel beautiful! I love this so much! You’ll find great clothing at amazing deals, all while having a blast over in her VIP group, where sales happen nightly Sunday-Tuesday, and other things happen throughout the week!

*Handcrafted Honeybee is one of our favorite recent finds! We absolutely love their deodorants so far, and if you use this referral link, you get 15% off your first purchase: