Healing from severe food allergies?!

So… some of you know that I’ve been praying for months about my food allergies, after God seemed to tell me they were demon oppression/attack (I know it sounds crazy to some of you but hear me out). This week, I had a major breakthrough in my life, relating to the trauma caused by my mom, thanks to Deanna Ritchie (www.facebook.com/heavenonearthhealingschool) helping me over the last few months to find deep soul wounds, and also learning to claim the full power of God in mending these wounds. I believe this last bit of unforgiving spirit was providing a “landing strip” for Satan and his crew to afflict me. 

Well, I’ve been nervously testing this out–this whole week, I’ve had a huge amount of gluten, several times, and… 


I keep waiting for the head-to-toe hives, the other horrific side effects that you don’t want to hear about lol, and not one problem! 

I can hardly believe it myself, and I didn’t even want to say anything to anyone, because it’s just weird. You don’t get healed from things like food allergies…or so says my nurse brain. I am learning that God brought me out of nursing, at least for a season, to help me fully experience miraculous medical healing and breakthrough, because my nurse brain kept putting Him in a box, saying “that’s just impossible.” 

Last night, we prayed over some spiritual warfare we’ve been dealing with, and Satan really started to get in my head. ?

So today… I’m claiming this publicly, because I need to show Satan he needs to shut up! 
I’ve been truly miraculously healed of severe food allergies! 


This just doesn’t happen. I’ve suffered for years… it’s been miserable. It was so bad that if Ben even ate gluten and then kissed me, I’d break out in hives, so he had to eat gluten free, too! I was terrified of restaurants touching something and contaminating it, because it would mean hours and hours of torture later. I didn’t ever want to go eat at someone’s house, because they didn’t know how to prepare food carefully, and I’d pay the price.

Now, I’m not saying all food allergies are Satan’s doing lol, that’s just what God told me after praying and begging him to show me how to pray for mine, because I was so done with it, and I desired a miraculous intervention.

And maybe God had me go through all of this to learn how to carefully cook for food allergies, so that we can take in foster kids with life-threatening allergies or something, who knows? 

But all I know is that for the first time in maybe my whole life, I feel actual compassion toward my mom, the person who has hurt me deeply from the time I was even in utero. Most of you don’t even know my story to the fullest extent…there was atrocious behavior. I know I could never fully forgive her on my own, but I learned how to repair my soul from the hurt, so that I could allow God to place that deepest forgiveness in my heart.

Also, this sounds weird, I’m sure, but today I need to heavily claim the promises of God publicly, so… God also whispered to me that this forgiveness bit with my mom was what was hindering me from carrying a child to term. So please, I covet your prayers for a healthy child to be born to us. We desire so deeply to foster and adopt (we’ve desired to adopt since before we even got married), but this desire for natural children hasn’t left, either. We truly wish for a home full of children who come to us through all sorts of ways. So please be in prayer with us over this. ❤️
Ok, now that you probably think I’m crazy (??‍♀️??‍♀️?), go claim a promise of God for yourself! Satan really is afoot and doing some horrible things… let’s combat it by shouting praise and claiming promises! 
Thank you Jesus for healing what should’ve been impossible, both physically and emotionally! ??

Thoughtful Thursday: the fostering dream from God

Yesterday, I was cleaning off my dresser, and I almost threw away a piece of newspaper… I thought it was so weird that I had newspaper on my dresser, since I never, ever read the paper (it’s for food sales lol!). I glanced at the article it was folded open to, and my heart jumped in my throat. It was the article about the foster parent shortage in Idaho. 

See… I’ve been trying to get back home to Arizona. I haven’t been happy here in Idaho, and I miss my family more than most people can understand (my mom was abusive, then left when I was 17, and my youngest sibling of the 5 of us was only 3 years old. We are closer than pretty much any family I’ve ever known). But the problem with my unhappiness wasn’t because I was in the wrong place. It wasn’t my husband, or my surroundings, or the lack of my family. It was because I was no longer seeking God’s will…I just wanted what I wanted.

So, a couple months ago, God told me we were supposed to stay here in Idaho, at least for a few years. I wasn’t excited about it, but at the same time, there was a peace, because I knew I was now following God’s plan, and there is so much safety in that! It doesn’t mean it will be peachy, but it is the safest place to be. 

Shortly after that, a coworker who knows I have a heart for fostering and adoption asked if I’d seen the article in the paper… remember how I don’t read the paper? ?

So I went home and read it… and God deepened the desire in my heart to be a foster parent. Keep in mind, although I wanted to adopt, I used to swear I would never foster. Adoption would be heartbreak enough, I knew…the process could end up destroying me. I get way too attached, but I knew I wanted to adopt. But fostering? There’s no way I could do that. That’s WAY too much heartbreak. 

Yet…God began working on my heart, and somewhere along the line, I began to have the desire to foster. Not just to adopt, but to also be a regular foster home. And God laid that desire on my husband’s heart as well.

Recently, God told me we would also have a foster ministry, helping other foster families. I have no idea of the specifics yet, but I know he will reveal them in the right time. This is both exciting and scary.? I mean, I’m not even equipped to foster kids myself, how can I minister to other families?? 

Well, I had been feeling discouraged, because at every turn, it seems like fostering is more distant. Everything is against us…time, finances, a house that desperately needs repairs before kids can be in it, and the list goes on… ?

But when I read that article, I knew God was reminding me of the dream he planted in my heart. His timing is perfect, I just need to trust. 

So I went and laminated the article and put it on our hearts’ desires board to pray over, and stuck a copy in my planner to remind me that God is faithful. 

And now I know why God had me get sidetracked with cleaning off my dresser, when my plan had been to finish cleaning the bathroom. 😉