Adding Happy Planner sticker pages to the new sticker book! (When you run out of the included adhesive sheets)

I seriously love the new sticker book that came out recently-it’s narrower, the perfect size for the sticker sheets that are offered by Create 365! The sticker book kit comes with these handy pre-stick-ified (oh yeah lol) inserts that you can adhere your existing un-punched sticker sheets to. One problem: there aren’t enough for sticker addicts like me, and upon contacting customer support, I was informed that they do not sell extras separately. Well, while I hope they change that eventually, it didn’t help me NOW. I mean, I want to put all the sticker sheets I own in my cool sticker book!

So, being the redneck that I was raised to be, I set out to totally jerry-rig something together. 😉 It actually worked out perfectly, and doesn’t even look tacky! =D

Here is how I did it:

Cut an 8.5″X11″ piece of cardstock in 2.75″x8.5″ pieces (1 paper gives you 4 pieces by cutting in half, then half again). Punch these with the happy planner punch.

Get your glue sticks ready!

Slather that stuff all over one side

Line up the sticker sheets and press well

Do the same to the other side to maximize the use of the inserts, and voila! They fit perfectly! =D



Weekly spread! 

I’ve been SO behind in blogging! Agh!! Life is nuts, y’all!
But my sister is coming to visit, and I’m working my businesses as hard as I can to try and save money to go to the Norwex National Conference in August!
But here is my weekly spread…I’ve finally caved and devoted the entire bottom section to parties, and have been using washi tape to coordinate. I like this because I can see at a glance what I have going on in party-land, especially since I have a LOT of facebook parties this month!
I still like using the top for important things, appointments/schedule, and the middle for to-do lists.


Anyway, here’s to being more on top of things!
(Also, I’m working on getting up and running, I’m not 100% sure of the direction, but it will be more focused on direct sales and stuff like that. =D )