Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner Stamps!

Although I do love stickers, I was anxious to try the new stamps! I LOVE this style of stamp, that clings to an acrylic block…it’s easy to see placement, and they are so much easier to store as well. 

So let’s get started! I got set up with a wet Norwex body cloth, and a dry window cloth, instead of my usual baby wipes, in an effort to be less wasteful. ? (you can purchase environmentally-friendly products like these at 

This is what they look like, if you’re not familiar with how these work:

You place it on an acrylic block such as this one (it clings like a window cling)

Ink, and stamp!


I do like using the body cloth to clean the stamps afterward, but I might try. Regular envirocloth next time. 
I tried the lines next:

These would be rather convenient, I think!

Here are a couple of the layouts in which I used the stamps:

Overall, they’re pretty nice, but they do take a lot of effort, and there is still the everlasting problem with using stamps: smearing ink everywhere. ?

One day I’ll discover a cure for this problem, but in the mean time, these do have some nice features. I definitely plan to use them more!

Weekly layout and meal plan 4/10-4/16

I’m late in posting this week’s layout and meal plan because we got hit with sickness. ?

I have been downing Doterra On Guard Plus and have been fortunate to only be down for a couple days with pure exhaustion and those tell-tale swollen lymph nodes, but poor hubby has been pretty sick. ?

Anyway, here is my weekly layout, I haven’t filled in much of the to-do sections lol! And I obviously have not kept up with the blogging plan… ha! Maybe next week. ?

We finally made it to Costco for groceries, and despite sleeping almost all day the last couple days, have managed to stay eating within our Whole30 parameters! I made a large batch of chili and we’ve been living off that and microwaved “baked” potatoes for quite a few meals lol.

I’m hoping to try a few new recipes next week, as well as get some of my current favorites blogged! ? 

Here’s hoping.. ??