Friday Faves: Dollar Shave Club, and the smoothest shave you’ll ever get with only WATER!

I’ve told countless people about this company for years, but there still seem to be quite a few who haven’t heard of it, so I’m putting it out there again. Also, a lot of people understandably think it’s for men only, but ladies…let me tell ya, this company is for us as well! If you share with your hubby, you’ll save even more! 

Also, stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing how to get baby-smooth legs with ONLY water, saving you even more money! ??

So first, the Dollar Shave Club. I originally signed up to get my husband these blades, as he shaves not just his face, but his head… meaning he wears out his blades quickly, and they’re just so danged expensive! Then I found out you could pay a few bucks to add an extra handle, and I was psyched. I ordered my handle and we split the blades, and it’s been heaven ever since! 

So how does it work?

There are 3 tiers… you pick one, and get a free handle with your first order (you get 4 cartridges in each monthly shipment, although newer options have come along, making even this flexible–love it!).

1. The cheap twin blade. This one is only $1 a month, plus $2 shipping. If the next tier were brand name prices, I might be tempted to try this, but since it’s not… 

2. 4 blades. $6 a month, and free shipping. I love this blade for myself-it’s enough without being too much. 

We currently switch from month to month between this plan and the next one (allowing us to keep both kinds stocked), which is…

3. 6 blades, plus a trimmer edge, which is great for guys! $9 a month, and also ships free.

My husband likes this one, especially with the trimmer edge. So we keep him stocked with this one, and I keep stocked on the other. 


We’ve found that the handles and blades (at least for these two tiers) are interchangeable, which is kind of nice, just in case we need to borrow a blade from each other, if we are traveling or running low on one kind. 

If your razor gets gross and goopy, a Norwex envirocloth really gets these babies shined up nicely! (You can purchase one at

Also, we love the snarky things on their packaging, and inserts that come in the shipment… it’s cheesy, snarky, and downright hilarious (this isn’t even the best lol):

You can check them out here, AND, if you

Join through my link and I get $5 off my next shipment! 

Join and share with your friends to get $5 off your next shipment! ?

Now, about that shaving with only water thing… y’all, this is amazing! My legs have never been this smooth, and I’m saving money on shaving cream!


Again, yes, Norwex. Why? Because I’m eliminating chemicals, and changing my life! I love it. I recently discovered the Body Scrub Mitt, which has an exfoliating side (I use this first to really get all the dead skin loose and any ingrown hairs), and a microfiber side (I use this next to make sure everything is off and my legs are truly clean), plus it has Baclock, which is microsilver, to inhibit mold/mildew/bacterial growth! It’s a miracle mitt lol! 

Again, you can pick one of these up at, and through the end of April, they’re on sale for $5 when you spend $75! They even have a 2 year guarantee! Meaning, you’ll save a ton of money by skipping shaving cream for at least 2 years lol! Not to mention, my legs are smoother on day 2 now than they were on the day I shaved with shaving cream! I love it!  The more I do this, the less ingrown hairs I’m getting, too! Yay for smooth summer legs! ?

I hope you enjoy some of these products! Do you already subscribe to DSC? Are you already a Norwex fan? Let me know! ☺️

Happy Friday!