Weekly spread! 

I’ve been SO behind in blogging! Agh!! Life is nuts, y’all!
But my sister is coming to visit, and I’m working my businesses as hard as I can to try and save money to go to the Norwex National Conference in August!
But here is my weekly spread…I’ve finally caved and devoted the entire bottom section to parties, and have been using washi tape to coordinate. I like this because I can see at a glance what I have going on in party-land, especially since I have a LOT of facebook parties this month!
I still like using the top for important things, appointments/schedule, and the middle for to-do lists.


Anyway, here’s to being more on top of things!
(Also, I’m working on getting http://jessbruner.com up and running, I’m not 100% sure of the direction, but it will be more focused on direct sales and stuff like that. =D )

Weekly layout and meal plan 4/17-4/24

I’m insanely late with my meal plan and weekly layout, and frankly, I’m not super impressed with it or anything, lol.

I am pretty excited about the beef stew-I made a double batch and froze some, since I’m desperately trying to prep some freezer meals, especially for when we decide to start reintroducing foods, so that I don’t just go for convenience.

Ok seriously… how do people have these neat planners?? Their handwriting is perfect, they have nothing scratched out lol… I mean, I’m writing in mine on the go half the time, and it just looks so messy!! ??

My goal is to one day have a pretty Planner. ?

But here it is, and although it’s not exactly gorgeous, it’s pretty functional for me.

As you can see, my blog plan for the week is a bust already. ?

Baby steps. 


Well, I’m hoping to get some more posts up, including more Whole30 recipes, since I got way behind on that! ?

Have a great rest of the week!