Brain dump! More of my daily learnings of Jesus 

One of the things I’m learning is that just because something is new, different, or uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Test all things against the Bible, and pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and if you are truly open to God’s leading, you will find whether it’s of God or of the Devil. A lot of Christian circles dislike what is new or different, and then immediately twist scripture to “refute” what they don’t want to accept, only because it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s a pride thing, and it would require them to acknowledge that maybe they are wrong about things they’ve thought they’ve known their whole lives. I’ve had to admit that MANY passages of the Bible I’ve accepted sermons on were actually taught incorrectly, and digging into the Hebrew and Greek reveals the true meaning. It requires me, a “seasoned” Christian to admit I am having to completely learn new things about Jesus. I feel like a baby Christian again, and it’s a humbling place to be, having to learn so much of it over again.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed is sitting under a pastor who prays after each sermon that “if there’s anything not of you God, please erase it from our minds.” That takes humility, and I’ve started praying that in my own life. Am I humble enough to accept the fact that maybe I don’t really even know God, after years in the church?? That’s a hard one, but since I’ve started praying that, I’ve learned even more about Jesus Christ, and found scripture that changes completely in the original text, showing me new things about the God I serve.

Another thing that’s been happening in my life (since you asked ??) is completely revamping my prayer life. I’m learning that prayer isn’t just for sundays and mealtimes, and once every day if you’re a “good Christian.” It’s a way of life. Pray without ceasing, it says. In the original text, it literally means “never stop.” There’s not some hidden meaning there… it really means pray ALL THE TIME. I’m learning to pray about everything! Headaches, physical afflictions, emotions, anything that comes up! The other day, my car freaked out and all the lights that were blinking when it broke and wiped out every penny we had were going off, and I thought… AGH! Not again!! We don’t have any money, Lord! Whyyyyyy?? 

I prayed over it that night. Heavily. Earnestly. I finally believed in what I was praying for…he would fix our car, because we couldn’t afford to get it fixed, and it’s our only vehicle that’s really operable at the moment. 

The next day, I got in the car and prayed again before turning it on.

Not. One. Problem.

Thank you Jesus! These things must be so trivial to those who are already extremely familiar with the amazing miracles that come through prayer, but it’s such a wonderful thing when even a small prayer is answered for me! Jesus cares enough to fix my car. He CARES. He wants to show his power, but I’ve been putting him in a box all my life. Even when I prayed for miracles, I didn’t expect them. I didn’t want to be let down if God didn’t see fit to answer. 

Something that was new(ish) to me was the spiritual realm. I have always known it existed, and I have seen and felt demon oppression and affliction. But I really tried to stuff that down, because it just wasn’t “acceptable” or “mainstream Christian” in the circles I was used to. But I have been continually shown scripture that boggles my mind in the original text. ? 

Here are a few:

1 Corinthians 2 in Greek breakdown-Greek definitions/explanations are in parentheses:

Vs 13: which also we speak, not in taught of human wisdom words, but in [those] taught of [the] spirit, by spiritual [means] (the realm of the spirit) spiritual things (relating to the realm of the spirit) communicating.

Vs 14: [the] natural (physical) moreover man, not accept (warmly receive) the things of the spirit of God; foolishness (absurdity) indeed to him they are, and not he is able to understand (experience firsthand) [them], because spiritually (non physical dimension) they are discerned.

Vs 15: he who [is] moreover spiritual (spirit realm) judges all things (the parts making up the whole) he himself; however by no one is judged.

Acts 12:11 and Peter to himself having come (transitioning from one realm to another)… {wow! This was new to me! He actually left the physical realm during this miracle…he even thought he was having a vision or something}

2 Corinthians 4:18 not are looking at we the things being seen (to see something physical with spiritual results-it carries what is seen into the non-physical realm so a person can take the needed action), but the things not being seen (non physical realm); the things indeed being seen (physical realm) [are] temporary, the things however not being seen (physical realm) [are] eternal (without beginning or end). {this verse also boggles my mind…I am a spirit being with a body. But if spirits are eternal, that means I’ve always existed…I’ve only looked at it before as I will always continue to exist, but eternal means always has, always will exist. Also, think of this in the context of “time travel” within the spiritual realm…being able to see future and past wouldn’t seem so crazy in this context. lol I can’t think about it too long or my brain will explode!}

Anyway, these are just some thoughts from a girl who is re-learning the Bible, pressing into Jesus, and seeking truth. ❤

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