Weekly spread and meal plan 5/8-5/14 (Happy Planner)

Ohhhhh life, you buggar, you! I’ve been sick for what feels like an eternity, and as a result, all blogging and business has been dropped and now I’m so far behind! 

But this week, I’m determined to be productive! I have to be, I have several parties going on, and a vendor fair this weekend (my first 2-day event ?) that I’m not nearly ready for, but excited about.

I don’t know if I could handle the size of the big Happy Planner for portability, but some days, I have so much crammed in my classic that I feel I could fill 2 big sizes LOL! 

But I’m trying to learn to condense, and also to not overwhelm myself with too many tasks in one day. So far, I’m still failing… oops. lol eventually I’ll learn.

Maybe. ?

So here is my weekly layout, which is chock full! I fill in the later part of the week as I go, since my actual schedule is really the only thing I know ahead of time-tasks seem to always be changing. 🙂
I’m running out of meal plan pages, so I added my own until I can make or copy some more… this week’s grocery list falls on the new page. We shall see. I really love printable stuff, and I love this meal planner! I wish they carried just the meal planning pages (currently only a part of the home planning packet).

And there you have it! I’m already a day behind on blogging, since I haven’t posted the boiled eggs. ?? Oh well… more content for later, I guess! 

Have a blessed week!

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