Happy Planner Address Book DIY (kind of…ha!)

I love address books. I’m super old fashioned that way.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love to put stuff in my phone, especially if it’s someone I need to call, or need directions to…

But there is definitely something about old-fashioned address books.

Anyway, I love the spiral bound ones, because they’re easy to write in…except you can’t add more pages. And the 3-ring binder styles are great for adding, except they’re a pain to write in.

Enter… the Happy Planner disc system!

I found these lovely free printables:


Resized at 75% fits classic Happy Planner size, so I printed a couple of each page, and it’s nice to know I can just come back and print more if I ever need.

Anyway, here is what you need to make your own:

*Happy Planner punch

*set of discs, your choice size and color

*set of 8 dividers

*cover (you can buy a set of 3 for pretty cheap at Hobby Lobby)

*label maker (optional)

*pocket folder (optional, also in a multi-pack at H.L.)


Start by adding your discs to the cover of your choice:


Add the dividers:


Then break up the address book pages by section:


Add a pocket folder if you wish:


Then label (or sharpie) the sections:


Voila! You have your very own customizable address book! =D


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